Get close to the action. Sit at the bar and try to get in front of the top chef—you’ll get to “watch, learn, eat, and have your mind blown.”

Use fingers, not chopsticks. Forget trying to impress your date with your chopstick skills. “Most good chefs encourage” using your fingers, so diners don’t “mangle” their carefully crafted sushi.

Know the etiquette. Soy sauce and wasabi are meant to be eaten separately, so “don’t mix them and dunk like you would a French fry in ketchup.” If you must dip, “do it fish-side first.” Eat the pickled ginger, or gari, between bites as a “palate cleanser.”

Know your fish. “Tuna is not just tuna”—taste and quality vary depending on where it’s caught and what part of the fish it’s from. Getting to know what, exactly, you’re eating will take your meal to “new heights.”

Source: Details