Good deed leads to jaywalking ticket
A Colorado man who was run over while helping two elderly women cross a road has been ticketed for jaywalking. Jim Moffett, 68, was hit by a truck when he ran to assist the two women shuffling across a busy intersection. Moffett is now in intensive care with internal injuries—and a $22 jaywalking ticket. “We understand Mr. Moffett was doing something with great intentions,” said Trooper Ryan Sullivan, “but it was still dangerous for anyone to be in the road.”

Native Spanish speakers enrolled in AP Spanish class
Lemon Grove Middle School near San Diego has enrolled 34 native Spanish speakers in the school’s Advanced Placement Spanish class. The students were raised speaking Spanish, but principal Ambler Moss says the high marks they achieve in the AP class help them feel good about themselves. “This gives them confidence,” said Moss. “We’re turning a historical disadvantage into an economic and intellectual asset.”