Amish families rescue neighbors
When ice storms recently pummeled large portions of Kentucky, hundreds of thousands of people were left helpless and without power. But their Amish neighbors, who have lived all their lives without the benefits of electricity, came to their rescue. Amish families lent out kerosene lamps, cooked meals on wood-burning stoves, and provided advice about making do without modern appliances. “Best neigh­­bors we’ve ever had,” said 76-year-old James Hutchins of Mayfield, who was without power for almost a week, “and we’ve been around a few places.”

The new Duke Ellington quarter
The U.S. Mint this week launched a quarter featuring Duke Ellington, making him the first African-American to appear solo on a circulating U.S. coin. The coin is the latest addition to the Mint’s popular 50 State Quarter series. Representing the District of Columbia, it depicts the composer of “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing” and other jazz classics at his piano. Members of Ellington’s family were present at the unveiling ceremony. Another black man, a slave named York, had previously been depicted with Lewis and Clark on the 2003 Missouri quarter.