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Results: Hello, Dalai! After a hoaxer set up a Twitter account in the name of the Dalai Lama, we asked you to devise tweets from a Buddhist master, in 140 characters or less. You meditated on it and came through with some very enlightened suggestions: “U hear that? Sound of 1 hand tweeting.” “Tweet others as you’d like to be tweeted.” “Twit happens.” “Meet you in the chant room!” “Enlightenment: achieved! Whoops, lost it.”

First prize: B@1
Adam Turteltaub, Encino, CA

Second prize: The echo of the completely empty inbox bears pingings heard from the tweetless bird? LNOL
John Mercer, Jersey City, NJ

Third prize: Strive to overcome delusion: delete this message before reading!
Max Honn, Lovettsville, VA


PZ B 2 U
Lacy Hennessey, Port Angeles, WA

Look not to your cell phone for enlightenment.
Paul Beliveau, Essex Junction, VT

Saw Richard Gere today! Yes, the Richard Gere. He’s even more handsome in person!
Daniel Burstein, Jacksonville, FL

Life is tweet.
Eric E. Wallace, Boise, ID

When u’ve seen beyond urself then u may find POM is waiting there & the time will come when UC we’re all 1 & life flows on w/in u & w/out u.
Michael Alman, Las Vegas, NV

Finally signed up for Facebook; think it might be the reincarnation of Friendster.
Francis Heaney, Brooklyn, NY

Is it just me, does American Idol kind of suck this season?
David Schaal, Omaha, NE

OMG, I'm so over Tibet :) lol.  
H.R. Bradford, Chicago, IL

Dalai here, so sorry, the true meaning of life will need to wait for my Facebook account to be set up, as it requires more than 140 charact-
Eitan Zerykier, Brooklyn, NY