Bitten by a poisonous snake at Wal-Mart
A Florida man is suing Wal-Mart after he was allegedly bitten by a poisonous snake in the lawn and garden section. Jay Richitelli, 42, was looking through some plants when he felt a sudden pain “like fire going through my arm.” A juvenile pygmy rattlesnake had clamped its jaws to his hand. Richitelli dislodged the snake and stomped it to death, but he says the venom caused hallucinations and lung damage. Nonetheless, Richitelli says he’ll keep shopping at Wal-Mart, as “they’ve got certain stuff where you can’t beat their deals.’’

Paris Hilton blamed for abandoned Chihuahuas
Animal-welfare experts blame Paris Hilton for a recent epidemic of abandoned Chihuahuas at California animal shelters, says The National Enquirer. Since the hotel heiress made it fashionable to carry a small dog everywhere, shelter officials say they’ve been inundated with Chihuahuas discarded by fashion-conscious owners who wanted to be seen with the dog more than they wanted to look after it. “Chihuahuas,’’ says dog expert Lynnie Bunten, “are not a toy or a fashion accessory.”
New soft drink ingredient: Cow urine
A Hindu nationalist group in India is developing a soft drink made from cow urine. Om Prakash, leader of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which believes—as all Hindus do—that the cow is a sacred animal, says the drink will be marketed as much for its health benefits as for its taste. “It has been established that cow urine is capable of curing even cancer,” said Prakash. “So imagine a drink which would not only be tasty but also healthy.”