“That was quick,” said Adam Ostrow in Mashable. Yesterday, Facebook was trying to soothe users who feared that changes to the social networking site’s rules meant it could do whatever it wanted with customers’ photos and videos, even after they stopped using the site. Now, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says in a blog post that Facebook will revert to the old rules. “Smart move.”

“Phew,” said Ben Popken in The Consumerist, “now we can all go back to sending each other digital cupcakes without Big Brother watching us.” Zuckerberg’s earlier promise that Facebook wouldn’t share anybody’s information in ways they wouldn’t want was soothing, but that “benign” philosophy wasn’t reflected in the legal language. “It's good to see it now will be.”

Don’t be fooled by Facebook’s “back flip,” said Duncan Riley in The Inquisitr. The protests forced Facebook to give in, but this isn't the "user victory" many people think it is. Facebook is promising it won't resell your content if you leave the site, but "the crux of the problem remains," because Facebook still says it has the right to do what it wants with your information.