Stop trying to be perfect. Fear of failure, or even of success, can be a person’s “biggest enemy.” Once you come to that realization, you’ll find work can get done in “half the time.”

Don’t get overwhelmed. A big project can be “paralyzing.” To make it more approachable, separate it into “bite-size pieces, and focus on just one chunk at a time.”

Resist temptation. “Fight the urge to check your e-mail or your favorite blog every time you run out of steam.” Instead, refresh yourself by taking “three deep breaths.” This will shift your brain out of “knee-jerk procrastination” mode.

Reward yourself. “Train your brain the way you would a dog.” People who schedule “guilt-free playtime” are more efficient than those who “won’t let themselves enjoy their lives until their work is finished.”

Source: Allure