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Are You There, God? It’s Me, Blago. Yes, we asked you to come up with the name of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s autobiography, and thus we heard a lot of hair-raising ideas, including: “From Hair to Eternity.” “Notes from Under The Rug.” “The Height of Hairogance.” “Governing for Dummies.” “Abraham, Martin and Rod.” “What, Me Worry?” “If I Did It: The Sequel.” “My Life Out of Context.” “In Rod We Trust.” And, inevitably, “The Audacity of a Dope.”

First Prize: The Rod Blag of Courage.
Roger Curtiss, Deer Harbor, WA

Second Prize: Blaggadocio
Kathleen Coletta, Cincinnati, OH

Third Prize: The Iliad and The Rodyssey
Ann McMinn, Farmington Hills, MI

Honorable Mentions:

Wiretappers Are Supposed to Ring Twice
Barbara Ketcham, Malibu, CA

Was That Wrong? The Rod Blagojevich Story
Nancy House, Nashville

The Mousse Will Set You Free: The Rod Blagojevich Story
Amy Lauer Goldin, Princeton, FL

My Life and Hard Crimes
Michael Landau, Evanston, IL

Greatest F*#%in’ Governor Ever: My F*#%in’ Story, In My Own F*#%in’ Words
Brian Plank, Kittanning, PA

In Illinois, It Don’t Mean Dat
Greg Sollitto, Sea Ranch Lakes, FL