Massachusetts cracks down on sledding
As winter continues, there is a growing movement in Massachusetts to crack down on the dangerous practice of sledding. In response to a number of sled-related injuries and deaths in recent years, some communities have banned sledding outright, others have erected warning signs, and this week state Sen. Steven Panagiotakos introduced a bill that would require children to wear helmets while riding a sled. “There are no brakes on a sled,” said Panagiotakos.

Permit needed to pick up trash
A California man has been ordered not to tidy up the highway near his home. Mario Mendez volunteered two months ago to collect litter along Route 54 near San Diego. However, as the state’s Adopt-A-Highway program is currently under review, Mendez is still waiting for a permit and has been threatened with a citation if he picks up trash without one. “I can’t believe no one wants free help,” said Mendez. “Don’t need fame or fortune, just embarrassed for my neighborhood.”