Car and Driver
Ferrari’s and Porsche’s sports cars have long “overshadowed Maserati’s best,” but Maserati knows how to do luxury sedans. This first S edition is “one of the sportiest” on the market, powered by a scintillating V8. The Pininfarina-designed body is the most “sensuous” since the series was launched. The interior is an “olfactory and tactile feast,” with wood trim so gorgeous it looks fake and seats covered with acres of soft leather.

Road & Track
The Quattroporte has always “stressed high fashion over raw performance.” Earlier versions of this four-door sedan came equipped with a finicky transmission that made city driving “not particularly satisfying.” This new one offers more muscle—a 4.7-liter V8 and a reworked gearbox, as well as a face-lift. Restyled headlamps, vertical radiator fins, and a more aggressive nose help make the car seem much sportier.

Motor Trend
The Quattroporte “inspires visceral, carnal automotive lust wildly out of proportion to its size and door count.” No other car on the road makes you look or feel quite so fabulous. This new version of the classic features an “intoxicating” exhaust note that makes you forget all about gas prices and carbon footprints.