Businessman cuts of finger in protest
A Portuguese businessman cut off his own finger in court to protest a judge’s ruling. The judge had just ordered Orico Silva to sell part of a farm he owns to settle a $225,000 debt. Opening his briefcase to retrieve some legal papers, Silva spotted a recently purchased butcher’s knife and decided, on a whim, to amputate his index finger and chop it into three sections in front of the horrified judge. “I didn’t feel anything,” said Silva. “It was an act of despair.”

Is Amy Winehouse stealing drinks?
Guests at an exclusive Caribbean resort are complaining that Amy Winehouse keeps stealing their drinks, says the London Sun. The troubled singer, 25, is supposed to be drying out at a resort on St. Lucia, and the staff is under orders not to serve her alcohol. But sources tell the newspaper that Winehouse has been asking guests for a cigarette, and then, as they fumble to provide one, scuttling off with their cocktail “like a squirrel with a nut.”

Chinese man forced to drink his own urine
A Chinese man says airport security staff forced him to drink his own urine. Yu Fahai, 58, says that when security challenged him over a vial of fluid in his pocket, he explained that he received a kidney transplant several years ago and has to test his urine regularly. At this point, says Yu, the security officer said, “Urine? Drink some to prove it.” The airline has since apologized, saying that because Yu had his boarding pass in his mouth, the security officer thought that instead of saying, “urine,” Yu was using the Chinese word for “beverage.”