Checking books for lead content
A new federal law may ban children from U.S. libraries. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act requires all children’s products to be tested for lead. Since trace amounts of lead can be found in some printers’ inks, especially in older books, the law may force libraries to exclude kids until every single book can be tested. “We have two choices,” said Emily Sheketoff, executive director of the American Library Association. “Ban children under 12 years of age from libraries or take all the children’s books off the shelves.”

Breath tests for waiters and musicians?

Waiters and even musicians working in Iowa City bars may soon be subject to random breath tests to determine if they’ve been drinking. City Councilor Mike O’Donnell says the proposed ordinance would ensure that the bar staff is sober “when checking IDs” and deciding whether to serve patrons. The Iowa ACLU says the testing would be unconstitutional.