GOOD DAY FOR: Chinese investors, as masters in the Chinese art of feng shui see the upcoming Year of the Ox as a calmer one for markets. From an investment standpoint, however, they see higher yields next year, in the Year of the Tiger. Feng shui experts have a mixed record as market forecasters. The new year starts Jan. 26. (Reuters)

BAD DAY FOR: Manilow record sales, as Municipal Judge Paul Sacco in Fort Lupton, Colo., sentences people caught blasting loud music from cars or portable players to hour-long listening sessions in his courtroom. The music sessions, which replaced a $95 fee, are scheduled on Friday nights and include tunes of Sacco’s choosing—Barry Manilow, opera arias, the “Barney” theme, and other music he thinks will irk the largely teenage perpetrators. The recidivism rate is less than 5 percent. (Los Angeles Times)