GOOD DAY FOR: A white knight, after Toronto-based WIDEawake Entertainment Group won a bankruptcy-court auction to buy Suge Knight’s notorious Death Row record label. Death Row’s catalog includes influential rap albums by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Tupac Shakur. WIDEawake’s $18 million bid beat out failed or retracted offers from Warner Music and Conquest Media, among others. “We kind of expected Warner to be a little more pricey,” said WIDEawake CEO Lara Lavi. (Los Angeles Times)

BAD DAY FOR: Skipping a loan payment, after a Lithuanian debt collection agency hired a witch to hunt down derelict debtors. “Our new employee will help them to understand the situation, reconsider what is right and wrong and act accordingly,” said agency director Amantas Celkonas. Vilija Lobaciuviene, who calls herself “Lithuania’s leading witch,” is famous nationwide for predicting the future and casting spells. (AP in Google News)