We now know who won this year's Golden Globes, said Tim Goodman in the San Francisco Chronicle. The question is, who cares? "The Golden Globes is not some precursor to the Emmys. It doesn't hint at or foretell anything," and the nominees and winners often make little sense.

The Golden Globes do “have a history of voting idiosyncrasies” and “are not taken seriously as artistic milestones,” said Brooks Barnes and Michael Cieply in The New York Times. But a Globe nomination is “viewed as vital to maintaining momentum in the Oscar marathon,” and the best-picture Oscar has “mirrored” the Globe’s choice “in 14 of the last 21 years.”

Whatever the case may be, Mark La Monica in Newsday, the Golden Globes can at least be good for a few laughs. Tracy Morgan, who seldom makes me laugh, delivered a funny line about being the new symbol of post-racial America when he claimed an award for the excellent sitcom 30 Rock, and that was “just one of the highlights of what was actually a very entertaining awards show.”