The Peek
A cutting-edge device for those who aren’t obsessed with the latest “bells and whistles” and want something more simple. The Peek, a sort of BlackBerry without the phone, “delivers e-mail, and that’s all, folks.”
Price: $99.95, plus $19.95-per-month service fee

Source: O magazine

The first portable digital music player that can mix two songs together on the fly. Amateur DJs can “speed up or slow down a pair of songs” to match their beats and “adjust the pitch” to put them in the same key. Holds up to 30,000 songs.
Price: $875 Contact:
Source: Popular Science

Zero Gravity Micro Wall Racer
This remote-control microcar “shreds the laws of gravity” with its “suction-inducing fan” to transform “wall hangings and light fixtures into a vertical obstacle course.”
Price: $30 Contact:
Source: Popular Mechanics

Huh Duh Argh stickers and notepads
Air your primal frustrations with these bare-bones notepads.
Price: $18 Contact:
Source: New York

This pocket-size, easy-to-use printer connects to your digital camera or cell phone and instantly “turns out richly colored 2-by-3-inch photos.”
Price: $150 Contact:
Source: Popular Science

Stylus Classic Game Pens
Don’t expect to get any work done with these pens, each topped with a classic game such as Operation or Etch-a-Sketch.
Price: $5.50 Contact:
Source: Real Simple

Louis Vuitton City Guides
Let Louis Vuitton be your jet-setting docent. The fashion house’s handy travel companions cover urban destinations from Miami to Tokyo.
Price: $53 each Contact:
Source: Town & Country