Atheists sue Kentucky’s Office of Homeland Security
Atheists are suing Kentucky’s Office of Homeland Security for thanking “Almighty God” for protecting the state from terrorists. Ten secular Kentuckians charge that a law requiring the office to show its gratitude to God is “breathtakingly unconstitutional.” The plaintiffs say they have suffered “anxiety” from realizing that “their very safety as residents of Kentucky may be in the hands of fanatics, traitors, or fools.”

Retired cop awarded $4.5 million for defective chair
A New York jury has awarded $4.5 million to a city detective who fell off his chair and shot himself in the knee. Detective Anderson Alexander, 49, retired on a disability pension, but his lawyer said he deserved extra compensation for pain and the end of his career as an amateur “weekend warrior” athlete because the chair he sat down in was “defective.” Alexander is “not a klutz,” said his lawyer, Matthew Maiorana. “He’s a guy who just leaned back in a chair.”