GOOD DAY FOR: Cheap thrills, as a British charity found that U.K. residents were dealing with the credit crunch by enjoying low-cost or free activities, the most popular being sex. In Scotland, 43 percent of respondents listed sex as their top free activity, beating out window shopping and museums; 35 percent in South England put sex in the top slot. By gender, though, women listed gossiping as their favorite cheap activity. (BBC News)

BAD DAY FOR: Viking empire, after Iceland’s economic collapse has sent droves of Icelanders back to Norway, where their Viking ancestors originated 1,200 years ago. About half of the nation’s 18-to-24-year-olds are thinking about leaving to find work, according to a recent survey. “Iceland is more or less in a state of coma,” said Sigrun Thormar, a consultant for Icelanders moving eastward. (Bloomberg)