A “scandalous” elementary school aide in Vineland, New Jersey “is raising some eyebrows,” said Phaedra Laird in NBC40.net. Parents have “mixed feelings” about Louisa Tuck—“a former adult film star” who went by the name of Crystal Gunns—“working with their children,” and want to see her fired. But “whether parents like it or not,” for now Tuck “and her past career are protected under her first amendment rights”—we’ll have to see how things “pan out.”

“Tuck's employment history as a porn star has nothing to do with her qualifications” as a school aide, said Robert Paul Reyes in News Blaze. And “unless she acts out scenes from her porn movies for Show and Tell, school authorities have no grounds to fire her”—what she “does in her free time” is “nobody's business but her own.”

But Tuck’s past isn’t entirely behind her, said Jack Ryan in The Post Chronicle. Even though she quit the adult film business five years ago, “photos and videos of Crystal Gunns are all over the Internet.” And it’s also worth noting that “she had breast implants some years ago and went from a B cup to a 36 FF”—might that be a bit of an eyeful for school kids?