The New York Times
Honda’s long-term game plan—“no Texas-size trucks, no V8 engines”—is paying off. This stylish, second-generation hatchback offers a “tight construction,” a “smooth powertrain,” and such options as a voice-activated navigation system that competitors including the Toyota Yaris and Chevrolet Aveo cannot match. The safety list includes anti-lock brakes, six air bags, and new front head restraints.

Motor Trend
Honda knows how to “sweat the details”—a stylish, aerodynamic look; larger windows; “shapelier headlights”; and sportier moldings. This small car also includes 10 cup holders, eight storage slots, and two hidden compartments for maps and iPods. The gauge cluster has a refined, “most definitely non-entry-level feel.” The optional automatic transmission comes with paddle shifters.

The most welcome improvement in this all-new edition is the five-speed manual shifter, which “no longer feels like it’s slogging through thick mud.” The transmission, with its toggle-switch precision, now matches what we expect from a Honda. Retractable rear headrests enable drivers to create a floor-hugging, cavern-like storage space behind the front seats.