Motor Trend
Finally a Caddy that can zip around BMW M5s. This redesigned four-door weighs in at 4,281 pounds and comes packed with a 6.2-liter, 556-hp engine that can whoosh to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. Sophisticated interior options include seats by Recaro, black-stained wood trim, a suede-look steering-wheel rim, and shift levers. Even with all the extras, the CTS-V is $20,000 cheaper than its European rivals.

A gold-medal contender. Let that 556-hp number “sink in for a moment”—that’s more than the Corvette Z06. The rear wheels can deliver 551-pound-foot of torque; in an emergency, “you could tow your entire apartment building with it.” Specially engineered Michelin tires make “long highway slogs” comfortable.

Car and Driver
This car is refined, inside and out, and comes with a track-ready V8 that “scoffs at gravity.” Cadillac does not abide by the German consensus to limit cars to 155 mph, “so the V-series will test your sphincter’s fortitude right up to 191 mph.” The lows: “slightly numb steering, substantial curb weight.” But this is a world-class car whose price tag “almost seems like a bargain.”