"Clearly there is something in the water over at Disney," said Actress Archives. Adrienne Bailon, a member of Disney Channel pop group The Cheetah Girls, lost her laptop computer at a New York airport, and seminude photos of her started popping up on the Internet. Bailon now joins a long line of Disney stars—including former Mouseketeer Britney Speers, Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, and "High School Musical" star Vanessa Hudgens—who can't seem to stay dressed when there's a camera around.

"Bailon's embarrassing photos present parents with the perfect opportunity to help a child learn such a lesson," said Rosemary Black in the New York Daily News. Kids should know that even "squeaky clean starlets" aren't necessarily the best role models. Oh, and it never hurts to have a fresh reminder of the "dangers of having potentially embarrassing photos" on your MacBook.

These lessons don't always sink in, said Hollie McKay in FOX News online. "Obviously seeing the public slamming that Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus experienced when their steamy snaps were stolen and exposed wasn't enough of a warning for Adrienne Bailon to keep her clothes on." But maybe Bailon will get the last laugh—she plans to sue.

Maybe Bailon's reaction will help change Disney's "bad luck," said the blog That Happened!. Her lawyer has already scared many Web sites into taking down the photos, and Bailon's outrage might "slow the invasion of privacy" she and other starlets routinely face.