"It is hard to imagine that 'undecideds,' like restless phantoms with unfinished business, still haunt these final hours," said Kathleen Parker in The Washington Post. Believe it or not, they're still out there as this long campaign ends, waiting for "the perfect choice." But that doesn't exist, of course, so "these zombies of the voting booth" are in for a tough call.

That's good news for John McCain, said Dick Morris in The Hill. Because Barack Obama's "uniqueness, charisma, and assertive program have so dominated the dialogue," this election is now a "referendum" on the freshman Democratic senator from Illinois. Anyone who still isn't sold is likely to "break for McCain."

Not if history is any guide, said David Kuhn in Politico. "In the past eight presidential contests, voters who made up their minds during the last week of the campaign never went for either ticket by large margins of 3-2 or 2-1, which potentially could tip the scales." A more even split, even if it leans in favor of McCain, won't be enough to erase Obama's big lead in the polls.