Sen. Ted Stevens, who’s represented Alaska for 40 years, was convicted on all seven corruption charges Monday, said The Washington Post in an editorial, and despite his transgressions, it’s “difficult not to feel some sadness.” But while the $250,000 in unreported gifts he received from an oil services company may seem “penny ante” in Washington, it is “in fact criminal,” so his long career in public service could end with jail time.

“You don’t have to feel sorry for Ted Stevens,” said Josh Patashnik in The New Republic online, but you should feel bad for Alaska voters. In a week, the normally GOP-leaning state electorate has to choose between “a convicted felon”—Stevens isn't dropping out—or his Democratic challenger, who would just help the Senate’s Democratic majority pass its agenda intact.

Alaskans, especially Republicans, should vote against Stevens and fellow pork addict Rep. Don Young anyway, said RedState in an editorial. Democrat Mark Begich probably won’t be a good senator, and Young’s challenger is unlikely to be good for the GOP, either, but Young and Stevens “have been a pox on the Republican house for too long.”