Billed after 19-hour wait
A Texas woman who spent 19 hours in an emergency room, waiting in vain for someone to treat her broken leg, has now been sent a bill. Amber Milbrodt, 29, limped out of Parkland Memorial Hospital after fruitlessly waiting for treatment. The hospital now says Milbrodt owes it $162 because a nurse briefly checked her vital signs. “She’s not paying for waiting,” explained Parkland billing official Rick Rhine. “She’s paying for the assessment she received.”
Cell phone pornography
At least 200 Michigan high school students are facing criminal charges after a 14-year-old girl used her cell phone to send around a naked picture of herself. County Sheriff Bob Bezotte says possessing the photo violates child pornography laws. Officials are demanding that all students who received the photo turn in their cell phones or face prosecution. Phones containing the illicit image, officials say, “will be confiscated and not returned.”