GOOD DAY FOR: An egg fight, after a restaurant-sparked price-fixing lawsuit against egg producers gained class-action status. The plaintiffs claim that the United Egg Producers and 13 huge egg companies have colluded to raise prices, which are up 50 percent since 2006. The case rests on whether the UEP is a farm cooperative, protected under a 1922 law, or a trade group. Some 98 percent of U.S. eggs come from huge producers. (BusinessWeek)

BAD DAY FOR: Trickle-down economics, as the Wall Street implosion is starting to be felt by caterers, limo companies, upscale office-supply stores, and other industries that feed New York’s financial district. New York could lose 165,000 private-sector jobs in the next two years, with 35,000 of those in the financial services sector. “We are watching what’s going to happen next and we can do nothing,” said Nripata Ray, manager of Wall Street Caterers. (Bloomberg)