It looks like 20th Century Fox is willing to bet that “greed is indeed good,” said Borys Kit in The Hollywood Reporter online. “With the nation keeping an eye on the see-sawing stock market,” Fox is “pushing anew” its Wall Street sequel, Money Never Sleeps. Michael Douglas might even reprise his role as Gordon Gekko, but won’t commit until he’s read the finished script.

That’s definitely going to be “a tricky script to write,” said Roger Moore in the Orlando Sentinel online. Wall Street came out in 1987, and Gekko is "supposed to have been in prison." But for “20-plus years”? Wealthy people “don’t do that kind of time—not in America!”

This is either “the perfect time to do another Wall Street movie,” said Katey Rich in Cinema Blend, “or exactly the wrong one.” While some people may be “fascinated with the inner workings of that industry that screwed us all over,” others would prefer “they all crawl away and die—I'm kind of feeling the latter.”

Well, there are certainly “enough villainous roles for Gekko to fill,” said Xan Brooks in the Guardian online, “maybe even more than there were 20 years ago.” It will be interesting to see if he’s “made-over as a guru of the sub-prime lending market, or a shadowy lobbyist pushing for wholesale financial deregulation.”