Talk about revenge of the nerds, said Ewen Callaway in ABC News online. A new study by evolutionary psychologists found that a group of college women preferred brainy men over jocks—for both one-night stands and long-term relationships.

It’s no surprise that smart guys scored high as potential long-term mates, said Jeremy Taylor in AOL News. “What was not expected is that a man's intelligence also improved his chances of being appealing for a brief hook-up.” Although, it was surely a “bittersweet” moment for the University of California-Davis scientists when they noticed that men who are both smart and handsome did the best of all.

“Really?” said Samantha Beerman in College on the Record. What women really want is “a Nobel prize winner with movie-star looks”? It’s hard to believe that it took a bunch of people with PhDs to figure that one out.