Urbandictionary.com, a Web-based book of phrases, calls itself the “dictionary you wrote.” Users submit words and definitions and can “vote on the best entries.” For instance, “liptease” means someone who applies lipstick suggestively. “Hurrication” refers to when evacuation from a major hurricane turns into a short holiday.

Noslang.com, the Internet Slang Dictionary and Translator, helps parents “stay hip.” The site’s translator interprets “geek speak” and common Internet acronyms, such as “TSWC” (Tell someone who cares) and “WWCND” (What would Chuck Norris do?). It also features the top 25 slang words “parents should know” and a quiz to find if you’re “CLT” (cool like that).

Onlineslangdictionary.com lists slang from around the world. Browse by letter or using a thesaurus with categories ranging from “anatomy” to “police and crime.” Visitors submit the words, but derogatory terms will be rejected.

Source: Time