There’s no denying the Hillary backlash now, said Mary Katherine Ham in The Weekly Standard online. Big-time “Hillraiser” Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild has just become the most prominent Clinton supporter to jump to John McCain’s camp. Liberals are reveling in the fact that Rothschild is a baroness who calls Barack Obama “elitist,” but “snark alone will not diminish the importance” of this defection.

The baroness’ move would have helped McCain more if it hadn’t come “amid a financial crisis,” said Ben Smith in Politico. But it “isn't meaningless, when it comes to the relations between the Clinton and Obama camps.”

You have to admit, said conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain in The Other McCain, “this ain’t exactly going to swing the populist vote.” The best the GOP can hope for is for Rothschild to “improve its standing with the Glamorous Jet-Setting Wealthy Socialite demographic.”

Obama certainly will not be losing any sleep, said cartoonist David Rees in The Huffington Post. The baroness is not exactly “the type of lady every American can relate to,” and now it’s McCain who will have to explain how his policies will be good for “some fancy lady” as well as working stiffs.