A homeowners’ association has ordered a Florida man whose wife and son were killed when a plane crashed into their home to tear down his rebuilt house. Joe Woodward has nearly completed the rebuilding, but the homeowners’ group is angry that the shingles and floor plan don’t exactly match his neighbors’. Woodward says the minor design changes were intentional. “The room my wife and I had together... I don’t want to relive everything day by day over again,” said Woodward, who is hoping the association will relent.

Residents of northern Dallas suburbs are swamping the 911 system with reports of gunfire, thanks to a Texas law that allows dove hunting within city limits. The gun-friendly state didn’t want expanding suburban communities to reduce hunting grounds, but new arrivals find the gunfire alarming. “I can’t believe it’s okay for people to do that in a neighborhood,” said resident Lori Castoldi. “I’m afraid for my kids.”