It looks like Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson might be tying the knot, said the blog Holy Moly! While DJing recently at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont, rumor has it Ronson announced her engagement to the pop starlet to clubbers in the audience. Not too surprising—Lindsay has “hinted” about wanting to marry Ronson in the past.

“We just love it when foreign newspapers claim to know all about American celebs,” said Josh Gillin in the St. Petersburg Times online, “presumably because libel laws there are different than they are here.” Yeah, OK, “we'll start shopping the registry now”—we hear Sam and Lindsay “want more Ikea furniture.”

True, this report is coming from the Sun, said Julie Gordon in amNewYork online, so take it with a grain of salt. But the couple was holding hands and “gallivanting around NYC very publicly this past week;” they have “matching tattoos;” and Lohan recently revealed that “she’s Looking to buy a house ‘with someone.’”

Well, I hope it is true, said the blog Seriously OMG. “Sam has been really good to Lindsay” and they look “so happy” together—here’s wishing them the best!