The best place in New York to taste the “dazzling flavors of China” is in Flushing, Queens, said Julia Moskin in The New York Times. At this neighborhood’s restaurants and food malls, the variety of noodles and dumplings is simply “mind-bending.” Every kind of Chinese cuisine is represented. To explore them all, “stay on your feet.” Stroll past the storefronts and duck into crowded food courts that can hold up to 12 different vendors. Start with these.

Nan Shian Dumpling House
Head chef Huang Jian Ping “trained for four years at culinary school in Wuxi, near Shanghai, specializing in dumplings.” Her soup dumplings, not surprisingly, are the best in Flushing.

38-12 Prince St., (718) 321-3838

Imperial Palace
A rare “white-tablecloth place” in Flushing, whose steamed crabs with sticky rice are “not to be missed.”

136-13 37th Ave., (718) 939-3501

Xiao La Jiao Sichuan
Chef Huang Gui Ping serves up mild fish in “a fiery but complex brew of chili paste, chili oil, garlic, ginger, and Sichuan pepper.”

133-48 Roosevelt Ave., (718) 939-7788

Happy Beef Noodle House
The mission of Taiwan-born chef Chin Shen Hsu is to develop “the flavor of tender beef and rich, warm, star-anise-scented soup over a 10-hour cooking process.”

38-16 Prince St., (718) 661-3969