It’s too early to say what kind of “vice president or grandmother” Sarah Palin would make, said The Washington Times in an editorial. What’s clear is that the media is unfairly questioning whether she can juggle motherhood with her job. Nobody asked whether Fred Thompson could juggle Hollywood and politics, or whether Joe Biden should have stayed in Congress as a single dad.

Working mothers are the ones who are “nervous,” said Cindy Krischer Goodman in The Miami Herald’s The Work/Life Balancing Act blog. For those of us who “strive every day to prove we can juggle it all,” it’s hard not to think Palin’s kids will suffer. This takes the Mommy Wars to a new level.

The odd thing, said Kathleen Parker in the Chicago Tribune, is that it's the Left saying Palin can't be both mother and vice president, while she's getting support from the Right, which is so often accused of trying to keep women in the kitchen. "Did someone switch the Kool-Aid?"