A 9-year-old Connecticut boy has been banned from pitching in a little league because he’s too good at it. Jericho Scott throws a blistering fastball that led his team to an 8–0 record. But after parents of some of Scott’s opponents complained that their kids find his pitching both unhittable and frightening, the league has ordered him to stop pitching. “He’s on target all the time,” said Scott’s manager, Wilfred Vidro. “How can you punish a kid for being too good?”

An attempt to make the Democratic convention the “greenest” ever backfired when the Sheraton Hotel in Denver issued room key cards made from “sustainably harvested wood” instead of plastic. Guests arriving at the Sheraton quickly found that the cards did not work in opening their doors, and after numerous complaints, the hotel issued conventional plastic cards. Hotel officials, though, continued to issue the wooden cards to arriving Democrats, suggesting they keep them as souvenirs.