GOOD DAY FOR: Golden parachutes, after InBev revealed in an SEC filing that it will pay Anheuser-Busch CEO August Busch IV almost $10.4 million after its takeover of Busch’s beer empire closes, plus $120,000 a month in consultant fees through 2013. Busch will also be eligible for $13.3 million more in benefits and payments related to the $52 billion merger. (AP in

BAD DAY FOR: Gold bugs, as the precious metal has fallen 20 percent since July 15, to its current price just below $800 an ounce, due to a stronger dollar, a seasonal drop in jewelry sales, and sliding commodity prices. Gold hit a nominal record high of $1,033.90 in March, although the inflation-adjusted record still dates back to 1980, when it traded at $2,170 in today’s dollars. (