GOOD DAY FOR: Truth in advertising, after residents of rural Missouri now have the chance to deposit their savings with Tightwad Bank. Located in the towns of Tightwad and Reading, the current bank is the second to attempt making a go of it, after a 1984-2007 bank of the same name closed shop. “We’re seeking the customers with a sense of humor,” says cofounder Donald S. Higdon. (The Washington Post)

BAD DAY FOR: Reigning champs, after the controversial comedy “Tropic Thunder” knocked “The Dark Knight” from its No. 1 domestic box office slot, after more than a month on top. The latest Batman movie, however, knocked the original “Star Wars” from its spot as the No. 2 all-time highest-grossing domestic film, pulling in $471.5 million to the $461 million earned by “Star Wars” since 1977. (Los Angeles Times)