Ceramic orb
This brightly colored, stylish perch comes in red, green, and yellow.
Price: $17.95 Contact: Bibelotshops.com
Source: Every Day With Rachael Ray

Wire feeder
“Chickadees will surely flock” to this cheery pavilion. Filled with tea lights, it can double as a lantern. 
Price: $48 Contact: Conranusa.com
Source: O at Home

Lunchbox by Perch!
This ceramic model comes with an opening large enough for birds of all sizes and a choice of light blue, brown, or orange nylon ribbon from which to hang it.
Price: $84 Contact: Branchhome.com
Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

Home Bazaar’s Summer Palace
With two feeding trays, this “elaborately carved” Asian-style pagoda offers deluxe accommodations.
Price: $185 Contact: Factorydirect2you.com
Source: Domino

Birdhouse planter
For a “rustic” cabin feel, try this combination birdhouse/planter, created by Dutch designer Rian de Schaaf.
Price: $750 Contact: Conranusa.com
Source: Domino