KonTiki Diver
Borrowing “technology from the automotive industry,” this watch uses a “miniature version of a shaft seal” to stay waterproof for up to 3,280 feet.
Price: $9,200. Contact: Eterna.ch
Source: Popular Science

Flight Timer R4118
Named after the “legendary” World War II fighter plane, this watch from Oris lets you live out your “flyboy fantasies.” The clock face on its crown is meant to be set to the time zone of your traveling destination, in the manner of “traditional cockpit clocks.“
Price: $3,600 Contact: Oris.ch.
Source: Trader Monthly

Beluga Caviar
Ebel’s reinvention of its diamond-studded “’80s cult classic” comes with “larger rocks,” an “onyx-dotted face,” and a band of “gleaming black stingray skin.”
Price: $50,000 Contact: Ebel.com
Source: Elle

ww.tc Financial Automatic Chronograph
This watch displays the times in key business cities throughout the world’s 24 time zones and “tracks the hours during which financial markets—New York, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo—are open for business.”
Price: $14,650 Contact: Girard-perregaux.com
Source: Forbes Life

Pontos Décentrique GMT Limited Edition
This titanium design’s date ring sits “flush with the dial,” so that the current date flips over, “Vanna White–style, as it turns.”
Price: $8,350 Contact: Mauricelacroix.com
Source: Trader Monthly