GOOD DAY FOR: Preboarding, as JetBlue is asking 1,000 of its frequent flyers to show up at its new Terminal 5 at New York’s JFK airport to check in and go through security, then go home. The mock check-ins are designed to help JetBlue avoid the massive, costly, baggage-malfunction-driven delays that hit British Airways’ new Heathrow Terminal 5. JetBlue’s Terminal 5 is slated to open in September. (Reuters)

BAD DAY FOR: Rolex dealers, as Wall Street bankers’ hefty bonuses will be cut by up to 45 percent this year, according to compensation consultancy Johnson Associates. Senior management will see the biggest percentage cuts, Johnson forecast, as banks bleed money and most Americans pinch pennies. Hedge fund managers and real estate brokers can look for 10- to 15-percent cuts. (