What happened
Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus was recently quoted in TV Guide as saying, “I’d love to do a younger, cleaner version of Sex and the City.” In that same interview, the singer, actress, and daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus also discussed her commitment to Christianity, describing the Bible as her “how-to guide for life.” (Telegraph)

What the commentators said
Um, Miley, “the show is called SEX and the City,” said movie blog Cinematical. If you take out all the gritty details, there’s nothing left. It might be fun for you “to get a gig where you chat with your friends and work in the big city,” but it won’t be fun for the rest of us.

Of all the shows in “the history of television,” said Jason Townsend-Rogers in the blog The Celebrity Cafe, Cyrus chooses “the one that’s all about gratuitous and promiscuous sex” for her dream project. Pretty strange coming from a girl who “frequently emphasizes her refusal to engage in premarital sex and makes it clear that she is not privy to the Hollywood party scene.”

It’s also strange that at age 15, she’s already been involved in two sex-related scandals, said Matthew Zeidman in the blog Hollywood Today. First she posed topless for Vanity Fair, and now there are alleged images of her in a wet t-shirt circulating on the Internet. “Despite her boycott of underage indiscretions,” sex sure seems to play a big role in her life.