An 80-foot British warship that sank in 1780 has been found at the bottom of Lake Ontario. The 22-gun HMS Ontario disappeared during a gale, taking as many as 130 men with her. Shipwreck enthusiast Jim Kennard, who began searching for the wreck 35 years ago, finally located her last month—after teaming up with a partner who developed an unmanned submersible. The lack of light and oxygen, and the coldness of the water at 500 feet, had kept the ship remarkably well preserved. “To have a Revolutionary War vessel that’s practically intact is unbelievable,” said Arthur Britton Smith, who wrote a book about the Ontario. “It’s an archaeological miracle.”

An English piglet that was scared of mud has gotten over her fears, after being equipped with some miniature Wellington boots. Cinders, who lives on a farm in North Yorkshire, apparently suffers from mysophobia, a fear of dirt; she refused to join her siblings as they wallowed in the muck. Then owner Andrew Keeble’s 12-year-old daughter, Ellie, suggested outfitting the pig with the tiny footwear, which had been adorning some key rings. “Lo and behold, they fitted her like a glove,” said Ellie’s father. Keeble, who runs a sausage company, said that Cinders would be spared the grinder. “She’s more of a pet really, now, and she’s going to live a very long and happy life.”

When 18-year-old Lukasz Zbylut arrived in New York from Poland five years ago, he barely spoke English. But he’s obviously a quick learner: He finished high school this year with an A+ average, served as editor of his school newspaper, and founded the debate team. This spring, Zbylut was accepted by 18 colleges, including seven in the Ivy League. He’s decided to attend Harvard. “I applied to all these great colleges thinking, Why not?” he said. “I took a shot in the dark, and apparently, I hit the jackpot.”