Travel currency case
This stunning piece from the Azur collection combines turquoise leather and a crocodile print. Price: $605. Contact:
Source: The New York Times

Distressed leather wallet
Nepenthes America’s already-broken-in design promises to handle even the worst wear and tear. Price: $135 Contact:
Source: New York

Peroni coin case
The Italian company’s hand-dyed leather carriers are tiny enough to “fit in a jacket pocket” and come in a variety of colors and styles. Price: $63. Contact: or
Source: ForbesLife

Tyvek wallet
Terrence Kelleman fashions his designs from a single piece of recyclable, moisture-resistant Tyvek. Price: $25 Contact:
Source: New York

Y-mail coin purse
This patent-leather coin purse with envelope closure is stamped with Yves Saint Laurent’s handwriting. Price: $175.  Contact:
Source: Allure