GOOD DAY FOR: Fuel subsidies, after a recent survey found that 57 percent of companies are trying to help their employees cope with rising commute costs. Common policies are moving to four 10-hour days, promoting carpooling, and telecommuting. Then there’s recruiting firm Jobing-dot-com, which gives employees $500 a month and free gas if they allow their car to be covered in the company’s logo. (

BAD DAY FOR: The DVD market, after Apple reported the sale of its 5 billionth song through its iTunes Store. While demand for Apple’s music downloads shows no sign of slowing, iPod sales seem to be flattening out. Apple, which overtook Wal-Mart as the largest U.S. music retailer in April, said it is now also selling or renting more than 50,000 movies a day through iTunes. (MarketWatch)