A woman is suing the city of Norwalk, Conn., claiming that her son stepped in dog excrement during a visit to its aquarium. Kelly DeBrocky says she was “just really skeeved” by the incident, and is seeking $54 to cover the cost of new shoes for her 1-year-old son. City attorney Jeffry Spahr said he believes DeBrocky’s story, but questions the legal merits of her case. “Poop happens,” said Spahr, adding that he himself has stepped in dog excrement many times without ever having to purchase new shoes. “I just squirt them off,” said Spahr.

An Ohio man has been jailed for six months because his daughter failed her exam for a general equivalency diploma. Two years ago, Brian Gegner was ordered by a court to make sure his daughter Brittany, then 16, received her high school diploma. Brittany subsequently went to live with her mother, Gegner’s ex-wife, but when she recently failed her GED, it was her father who was sent to jail. “It’s ridiculously wrong,” said Brittany of her father’s sentence. “I would way rather me go to jail than my dad.”