Emergingmed.com scours the Internet to find treatment options for people with serious illnesses. Patients can search for and gain access to clinical trial listings as well as create “personal profiles” to assist them in matching enrollment criteria.

Clinicaltrials.gov, in connection with the U.S. Institute of Health, provides a “governmental listing service of 55,000-plus trials in 155 countries.” The site offers information about a trial’s purpose, where it’s located, who can participate, and whom to contact.

Centerwatch.com, the self-proclaimed global destination for clinical trial information, “searches 25,000 industry and government-sponsored trials,” including new drug therapies recently approved by the FDA and those still being researched.

Searchclinicaltrials.org, created especially for patients, family members, and health-care professionals, lets them search trial listings, results, and news.

Source: The Wall Street Journal