What happened
Actress Kate Hudson, who recently ended her on-and-off relationship with actor Owen Wilson, had dinner with celebrity bicyclist Lance Armstrong in Austin, Texas, over the weekend, sparking speculation about a possible romance between the two. They were spotted together on Friday night, then again on Saturday night, accompanied by other people, including Armstrong's children from his former marriage to Kristin Richard.

What the commentators said
Kate Hudson clearly hasn't "locked herself away in mourning" over Owen Wilson, said celebrity blog Holy Moly! She has gotten "straight back on the bike" and "taken up with" this Tour de France legend. Since one of Hudson's previous break-ups occurred around the time of Wilson's suicide attempt, someone should "keep an eye out for him."

"It’s hard to keep up with those famous kids these days," said Annette Hyde in the blog Hecklerspray. First, Hudson is dating Wilson. Then she's not. Then she is. Then she's not, and she's seen with Armstrong, who himself has been associated with multiple celebrities including Ashley Olsen. "It’s great to see that since retiring from professional cycling, Lance has taken up a hobby, like dating girls that he can share t-shirts with."

Make quips about the celebrity dating scene all you want, said Molly Friedman in the blog Defamer, but the details surrounding the pair's "so-called dates" don't add up to a "blooming romance." First of all, "group dates do not a romance make": Their dinner date involved six people, plus four kids running around, and the pair didn't even sit together! Second, "Lance is a proven expert when it comes to attaching his name to Hollywood names." With his annual Livestrong Day bike ride coming up, this is an "excellent way of calling attention to it." And finally, Hudson ate fish tacos and Armstrong had nachos—"who eats tacos on a first date?"