GOOD DAY FOR: Repeat good fortune, after Wal-Mart topped the Fortune 500 list of publicly traded U.S. companies, beating out ExxonMobil for the second year in a row. The list looks at revenue, and Wal-Mart’s $378.8 billion for 2007 barely beat Exxon’s $372.8 billion. But Exxon earned $40.6 billion in profit, while Wal-Mart netted a relatively modest $12.7 billion. (AP in USA Today)

BAD DAY FOR: California drivers
, as Modesto, Calif., topped the nation’s list of auto theft per capita in 2007, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Four out of the list’s top 10 metropolitan areas were in California last year. Overall car thefts dropped 7.4 percent nationwide, though. (