What happened
Actress Katie Holmes is in final negotiations to star in a Broadway production of Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons, according to the Daily Mail. Holmes has reportedly committed to participating in private workshops of the play in May.

What the commentators said
“Is Tom Cruise really considering letting Katie Holmes take part in a Broadway production?” said the blog Daily Blabber. It doesn’t seem like something he would approve of. Not to mention the fact that “Holmes has never been in a professional stage production.” Does she even have the “acting chops” to pull something like this off?

Well, Holmes would certainly have her work cut out for her, said Caris Davis in People.com. “It would be her first play since high school,” and she “would be on stage six nights a week.”

Starring in this play might be the best thing for Holmes, said Monika Bartyzel in the blog Cinematical. “These days, the only thing keeping” her “in the spotlight is her marriage to Tom Cruise” and her “vampy new look.” And turning down a role in Dark Knight so she could do “that stinker known as Mad Money” certainly didn’t help her. This play “should get a lot of buzz because it’s the first major revival of Miller’s work since his death a few years ago.” It really could resurrect her career.

At the very least, said Molly Friedman in the blog Defamer, it will give Holmes “the opportunity to challenge Nicole Kidman to a battle of the Broadway broads.” Back in 1998, Kidman “wowed critics and audiences with her stripped down performance in Sam Mendes’ The Blue Room.” Is Holmes going to “strip down,” too? But the even bigger question is: “If Katie decides to work in New York six nights a week, will Tom and Suri make a temporary home out of Manhattan?”