What happened
A representative for Lindsay Lohan's ex-boyfriend, Irish model Calum Best, said that an alleged sex tape featuring the former couple was a hoax. A British tabloid, The Sun claimed that Best, son of soccer legend George Best, leaked the footage to "close friends," who then posted it on the Internet. (San Francisco Chronicle's Daily Dish! blog).

What the commentators said
Another day, another sex-tape hoax, said Hollywood Scoop. But just because "the entire story was bogus" this time, don't think it won't come true some day. The scandalous sex tape is "a trend in Hollywood," so Lohan may star in one yet.

That would hardly be a surprise, said celebrity blog PopSugar, but if it's as "grainy" as this one it will be tough to be sure it's really her.

The world has reached a new low, said the Defamer blog, Australia edition. Why are people even bothering to look at these images? For one thing, the quality is so poor it's impossible to say whether this is Lohan, or what the person or persons in this short clip is or are doing. When people will waste time parsing "every pixel" of something like this, "we may have reached our culture's sex-tape tipping point."